Over the past decade, neuroscience, positive psychology and lifestyle medicine have exploded as areas of cutting-edge study, research and healthcare. The research indicates that almost half of our enduring happiness can be influenced by our daily choices and habits—and this is how we do it. Wherever you are on the feelings scale, you can lift your mood and you will likely lift your wellbeing in the process.

“Want to ramp up how much you get out of life? This engaging book can lift your mood and save your life! Based on the latest scientific evidence, the practical tips are desperately needed by all those trying to discover purpose and find happiness in this modern world.”

— Dr Sue Radd, Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian, speaker and author, Food As Medicine

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Meet Darren Morton

Dr Darren Morton is an internationally recognised wellbeing researcher and educator. He is a Fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine and Director of the Lifestyle Medicine, Health & Wellbeing Research Centre at Avondale University College, NSW, Australia. He is the creator of wellbeing programs—including The Lift Project—that are used in over 10 countries and has presented to hundreds of corporate, educational, community and academic audiences around the world. His research has been published in leading medical and scientific journals, and this is his third book.

To learn more about Dr Darren Morton and his books, go to www.DrDarrenMorton.com.

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